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Urban Design
& Form-based Codes


Urban Design & Form-based Codes

HEYER, GRUEL & ASSOCIATES has significant planning experience in the area of urban design and can provide innovative approaches to development, redevelopment and community design. HGA offers expertise in every component of community design: land planning; town centers; transit-oriented development; mixed-use; office/commercial; and residential.

HGA seeks opportunities to influence good design whether individual buildings or entire neighborhoods aesthetics are a critical component for well-functioning communities. A common element in design is the integration and linkages with the "larger community". HGA strongly believes in the collective power of the team through collaboration that includes both the client and community at-large.

HGA is focused on place makingand creating viable projects for its clients and the communities in which it works. HGA is serious about performance and quality of our work for our clients. HGA also maintains membership in the Congress for the New Urbanism, the Urban Land Institute, and the American Planning Association where we are continually interested in staying in-touch with the latest trends on community design. Our mission is to make communities more livable, and therefore more sustainable through solid, reality-based urban design techniques.

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- Town of Dover: Transit Oriented Development Plan

City of Trenton: Lamberton Redevelopment Plan


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