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Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)



Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)

HEYER, GRUEL & ASSOCIATES' takes a holistic approach to Transit Oriented Development (TOD) planning. In communities where mass transit is available, the ability to capture the full potential of the service, whether bus or rail, is directly related to sound land use and transportation planning. How the various components of a community come together to form a dynamic environment where people feel safe to not only utilize the transit services but also spend time pursuing the retail good and services located there is of the utmost importance.

Great opportunities lie within and around transportation facilities. Inherently hubs of commercial and social activity, mass transit can serve as a lightening rod for new economic development opportunities. Taking advantage of these centers of pedestrian activity can lead to new retail and commercial development. Combining these commercial opportunities, with an appropriate mix of residential development will not only provide new ratable for a community but will also boost socio-economic conditions and the overall economic health of a community.

Some key elements to consider in TOD planning are:

-A Form-Based Approach

-Improvement of mass transit facility access.

-Establish strong definable public spaces.

-Increase economic development opportunities that consider both enhanced commercial opportunities but ridership increases as well.

-Strengthen the form and function of development with focus on the relationship between the community and mass transit facilities.

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