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Sustainable Development Planning


Sustainable Development Planning

We at Heyer, Gruel & Associates have long been at the forefront of sustainable planning and green design. Our master plans, redevelopment plans and development regulations have always been crafted with an eye toward sustainability. As the public at large becomes more and more focused on the value of sustainable practices, many green ideas are ripe for implementation.

Successful sustainable planning balances the often competing priorities of environmental, economic and social factors. Aggressive public outreach and visioning are essential to getting the balance “just right.”

We at Heyer, Gruel and Associates understand that achieving sustainability will vary with each community and region, integrated and related to other elements within the community, and reflect the community’s vision, goals, and objectives. At its core, sustainable community planning strives to create communities of enduring value by meeting its needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Learn more about some of the specific projects we have
worked on:
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- Woodbridge Township Penval Road Redevelopment Plan
- Hardyston Township Minimum Impact Development District Regulations
- Hudson County Master Plan Re-Examination Plan
- South Orange Village Smart Growth Plan


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