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Woodbridge Township Penval Road Revelopment Plan


Woodbridge Township Penval Road Revelopment Plan

Heyer, Gruel & Associates prepared The Penval Road Redevelopment Plan for the Township of Woodbridge. The plan seeks to redevelop a 100-acre section of Woodbridge Township in order to promote the development of green businesses. The plan proposes the establishment of a business and technology incubator, encouraging the creation of new companies in several sections of the economy, including clean and alternative energy firms. Companies include those that generate energy from wind, solar and biomass; energy efficiency industry; energy-efficient building firms; energy-efficient industrial processes; universities, businesses and nonprofits that engage in energy research and consulting. The plan also encourages the establishment of a clean/energy/technology cluster that can promote the development of a green community. The Plan received a 2009 NJPO Achievement in Planning Award.



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