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City of Trenton: Lamberton Redevelopment Plan


City of Trenton: Lamberton Redevelopment Plan

HEYER, GRUEL & ASSOCIATES prepared the Lamberton Redevelopment Plan for the City of Trenton. The Redevelopment Area is a predominantly residential neighborhood located adjacent to Downtown Trenton, the Arena, and the Waterfront Park. The public participation process was extensive. This plan is a true bottoms up approach involving all neighborhood stakeholders.

The primary goal of the Plan is to create a diverse, pedestrian friendly, safe neighborhood while maintaining the historically appropriate scale and design of the neighborhood.  The key components of the neighborhood revitalization strategy include the following:

  • Rehabilitation of existing housing stock;

  • Infill housing (one lot at a time) to increase the housing stock of the neighborhood;

  • Adaptive reuse projects to bring back life into historic buildings;

  • Small projects to consolidate contiguous vacant parcels and create centers of development activity;

  • Reuse of the Kerney Home’s former public housing site to bring in market-rate housing into the neighborhood;

  • Strong property code enforcement to address absentee landlords and existing tenants who do not maintain their buildings;

  • Enhanced pedestrian circulation by creating a “greenway” which connects the neighborhood to the Waterfront Park.

The implementation strategy includes creative use of incentives and does not propose any municipal acquisition of property.



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