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Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)<
Village of South Orange: Redevelopment Plan


Village of South Orange: Redevelopment Plan

Heyer, Gruel & Associates has prepared several redevelopment plans for South Orange Village. The Plans focus on the revitalization of the Central Business District with particular emphasis on the station area. Redevelopment of the station area was the first step in the overall revitalization efforts of the CBD; it included

  • major station improvements proposed by NJ Transit,

  • the upgrade of the existing storefronts for commercial use, and

  • additional station area parking.

The Plans identify target primary uses for key locations and contain design standards intended to reinforce the physical, visual and spatial characteristics of the Redevelopment Area.

One of the key targeted primary uses identified through the public outreach process was a performing arts center for the village. Opened in the fall of 2006, the South Orange Performing Arts Center contains a multiplex movie theater and a 415 seat performance hall, and is located adjacent to the train station. Other projects in various stages of implementation include

  • new luxury multifamily housing,

  • new retail and mixed-use development, and

  • a new gourmet supermarket.



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