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Margate Master Plan


City of Margate Master Plan

Heyer, Gruel & Associates prepared the Margate Master Plan which seeks to preserve and enhance Margate's character by protecting existing residential neighborhoods and providing needed facilities and amenities.  The Plan also calls for targeted reinvestment within the City's Commercial District and overlay areas.

The City's prior planning history served as a starting point with goals and objectives revised to reflect the Plan's extensive public participation process, which helped formulate Margate's vision.  Input came from numerous public forums and meetings, including a general public meeting, which drew more than 100 citizens.

Key land use goals set forth in the new Plan include:

  • Identifying revisions to zoning to improve the consistency of residential zoning  districts with the established pattern of development;

  • Ensuring that commercial development is integrated with the character and scale of Margate;

  • Creating and defining a distinct Town Center within the City's overlay area to encourage the sense of community;

  • Considering the revitalization of the City's Bayfront District; and

  • Carefully balancing the seasonal residential investment demands with the quality of life and neighborhood character enjoyed by the City's year-round residents.

The Plan also recommends expanded park and recreation facilities, such as a new park and nature preserve in the City's northeastern section.  Historic preservation also is encouraged, including the Marven Gardens Historic District and the Parkway District. Margate's Master Plan is designed to be compatible with other communities in the region and to consider the feasibility of shared services and joint planning efforts.

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