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Town of Dover: Transit Oriented Development Plan


Town of Dover: Transit Oriented Development Plan

HEYER, GRUEL & ASSOCIATES prepared the NJAPA award winning Transit Oriented Development Plan for the Dover Downtown and Station Area. A great deal of attention has been focused upon the Town's transit facilities, its vibrant diverse downtown and its historic resources. Under a Form-based design strategy, the TOD plan coordinates and complements the Town's efforts and aims to restore the Town to its true glory as a jewel within Morris County. The Plan was prepared under a Smart Growth Grant with extensive public outreach component.

Key objectives in the plan include a new residential component in the Downtown, mixed-use transit oriented design, and enhanced retail. Some key design elements include:

  • Coordination with historic resources.

  • Focus on placemaking; public open spaces, sidewalk cafes, greenways and an improved Train Station area.

  • Pedestrian oriented streetscape and shopping experience.

  • Connections to and from Downtown to residential areas.

  • Reclamation of the Rockaway River and abandoned freight rail right-of-way into linear public open spaces.

The Plan broke down the Town into discrete functional areas and developed strategies and regulations that ensure implementation of the public consensus driven vision. Target areas in the Downtown include:

  • The Blackwell Street Historic Retail District

  • Dover Station Area

  • The Rockaway River corridor

  • Town Hall

The plan also includes a parking strategy to balance the needs of the retail district with those of new development and commuter parking. The Plan serves as a comprehensive revitalization document for Downtown Dover in order to reestablish the area as a commercial center in Morris County.

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