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Central Business District Plans (CBD)<
Asbury Park Central Business District Redevelopment Plan


Asbury Park Central Business District Redevelopment Plan

HEYER, GRUEL & ASSOCIATES prepared the Redevelopment Plan for the Central Business District in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Asbury Park is a community poised for a major renaissance. A great deal of attention has been focused upon the City's spectacular waterfront resources. Meanwhile, the once-thriving Central Business District, a victim of significant disinvestment and decline, is also stirring. Under a new strategy, the Central Business District Plan will complement the waterfront efforts and aim to restore the district to its former glory.

Key objectives include a new, significant residential component in Downtown; providing for residential parking; creating a window shopping thoroughfare along Cookman Avenue and bringing an overall focus to this newly discovered Central Business District.

The Plan breaks the CBD into four discrete functional areas and develops strategies and regulations to ensure implementation of the vision. The main target elements are:

  • The historic Steinbach Building
  • The Cookman Avenue retail core
  • The Central District mixed-use area
  •  The Lake Avenue residential area

The plan also includes a parking strategy to balance the amount of parking provided in the CBD. The plan serves as the comprehensive revitalization document for the Central Business District in order to reestablish the area as the commercial center of Asbury Park.





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