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Master Planning & Strategic Plans



Master Planning & Strategic Plans

HEYER, GRUEL & ASSOCIATES has extensive experience in the preparation of comprehensive master plans and strategic plans ranging from neighborhood plans to multi-jurisdictional and regional plans. Our firm prepares plans that are issues oriented and reality based. All of our plans are strategic in nature so that they can serve as road maps for successful implementation. We also emphasize the use of graphics to convey ideas and recommendations.

A key component of our master plans is providing extensive public outreach and consensus building. It has been our experience that the planning process is as important as the final document. Plans without consensus become documents that gather dust on shelves. Plans should be comprehensive documents in which all elements are integrated and coordinated to achieve the community's goals and objectives.

Heyer, Gruel & Associates also has demonstrated expertise in the development of regional and multi-jurisdictional Master Plans. The firm prepared the national award winning Hudson County Urban Complex Strategic Revitalization Plan, the Hudson County Master Plan and the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. These plans were developed in close consultation with the County, its constituent municipalities, residents and other interested parties. They combine a regional perspective with a local focus.

Learn more about some of the specific projects we have worked on:
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