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 Environmental Resource Inventories


Environmental Resource Inventories

Heyer, Gruel & Associates' approach to the Environmental Resource Inventories is to combine stakeholder involvement and thorough data analysis to provide an accurate and useful catalog of a Municipality's natural and historic resources and environmental constraints.  By allowing local officials to balance the needs of existing residents and continued economic development while ensuring the protection of the community's historic and environmental resources these inventories incorporate the best principles of smart growth.

Environmental Resource Inventories are important planning documents but they are often misunderstood.  There is often confusion about what they are and what they are used for. 

An ERI: 

  •  Is a baseline documentation of existing conditions

  • Is a tool for Environmental Commissions, Planning Boards and Zoning Boards

  • Can be adopted as part of a Master Plan

  • Can be the basis for Resource Protection Ordinances

  • Is always dynamic and revisable and should be reviewed regularly

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