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Central Business District Plans (CBD)


Central Business District Plans (CBD)

HEYER, GRUEL & ASSOCIATES' has significant experience in Central Business District and Main Street Planning in a diverse range of communities. We work with urban centers and resort communities to identify assets that may have lost some of their luster and find ways to reinvigorate them. We also work with rural communities who want to hold onto Main STreet in the face of suburban sprawl. These pplans include implementation startegies, which promote both public and private reinvestment in the districts and capitalize on their identified assets.

A large component of our work the dynamic of a communities often reflects many components. Our plans include detailed Streetscape elements such as lighting details, sidewalks and street furniture, as well as facade guidelines. They also include adaptive re-use of existing building and spaces that are rethought in a modern context and the public input process ensures buy-in from the public and the business community. Our CBD plans have also included detailed parking studies and strategies.

Learn more about some of the specific projects we have worked on:
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- Asbury Park Central Business District Redevelopment Plan

- City of Hoboken: Transit-Oriented Economic Development Plan



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